Measuring guide

We do not specify which type of collar or piece of clothing will fit to a certain breed of dog. Even standard Shiba Inu dogs can be well-fed, athletic or skinny. It’s better if you take measurements of your dog yourself and select the suitable size. It is easy!

ATTENTION! DO NOT take measurements when the dog is lying or sitting! So, let’s get it started!

How to determine the correct size of a dog collar?

The neck size should be measured in the place where the collar is worn – in the central part of the neck.

1. Use a tailor’s gauge to measure dog’s neck. Use centimeters as measuring unit.
2. Hold the gauge loosely, don’t tighten it. Make sure you can comfortable fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and the gauge.
3. Make sure the size of your dog’s neck fits between the values X and Y of the collar you chose.

ATTENTION! For a choker collar the dog’s neck size should be measured in the lower part (at the base of the neck).

Dog Collar Size Chart Illustration
How to determine the correct size of a dog collar?

Our Dog Collars Size Chart


Small — 30-35 cm
Medium — 35-40 cm
Large — 40-45 cm
X -Large — 45-50 cm


X-Small — 25-30 cm (width — 20 mm)
Small — 30-35 cm (width — 20 mm)
Medium — 35-40 cm (width — 20 mm)
Large — 40-45 cm (width — 25 mm)


X-Small — 25 cm
Small — 30 cm
Medium — 35 cm
Large — 40 cm
X-Large — 45cm

NB. All of our leather is cut and stitched by hand. So some minor variations in size may occur.

Yes, we can make any of our product specially for your dog. Production time is up to 7 business days.

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